Originally from NJ… I know, I know….

After serving nearly three years bouncing around majors and ending up in the Microbiology department of Boston University, I decided it would be a better idea to become an actor instead of a doctor. My mother threw a fit, and I threw my belongings into my red Nissan Sentra and landed at NYU. I shared a teeny tiny little studio apartment with my fellow NYU transfer friend – we didnʼt have a refrigerator until we bought one of those little square ones and we actually shared a futon to sleep on… ahhh those were the days…

After graduating from the Atlantic Theatre Acting School at NYU, I quickly found myself acting, singing and dancing all over the country in regional theaters. Not much has changed since then, really, except I get paid more and I sleep in my own bed.

When Iʼm not performing, I spend my time choreographing shows and coaching private students in everything from audition preparation to helping a Brazilian model lose his accent. That last one… well, you can see part of our coaching session on this season of “The A-List: New York” on Logo. Yes – I am on a reality show! I donʼt think I saw that one coming when I was sharing that futon down on Rector Street….